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Monday, May 7, 2018

1 year ago

I can't believe it's been a year since I put a pause on this blog.  It actually seems longer! 
Since then I had an Y1i art showing.  Entered a couple of pieces into the state fair and thrown myself primarily into paper cutting (when work wasn't sucking up my time and energy). 
I'm starting to miss the one eyed creatures. 
I drew a picture on my white board in class last week and the person (me) had TWO eyes!   One of my older students noted that it did and "see, you can draw two eyed things, they just need glasses.

I'd like to pick this blog up again, but in a new direction.  Which direction?  I'm not sure.  As reevaluate my life, I need to figure out what works in this area.
So stay tuned!  Summer break is 5 weeks away and hopefully I'll be inspired before then to hop back on!

Peace and fabulousness! (I miss typing that :)

Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10

Here's another part of a larger piece.
Peace and fabulousness


Here's a little peak at a larger piece I have been working on.
Peace and fabulousness

Friday, June 9, 2017

Day 156 (1287)

At 5:05:05 this morning I created this creature.  So I have been making something for 5 years, 5 months, 5 hours, 5 minutes and 5 seconds. Whew! I am taking a break.  I have spent the past 2 months once again making things for people at work  and having to put my own personal  creativity aside.  So it has felt like I'm just phoning it in.  That's why I am pausing my blog.  I feel good about it and this end of the year week has been busy and I know this is the right choice.  I'm not sure how long the pause is, but I will be creating in different ways.  To you who have went on this journey with me,  Thank you. I deeply thank you.  You are the reason I kept it going so long.  I will post more things and am starting a weebly site. When I get back on the saddle I hope to have you by my side once again.
You are amazing.
Peace and fabulousness.

Day 152 - 155 (1283 - 86)

Here's a few more.  End of the year!!
Peace and fabulousness.