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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60: Red

Wow! This is the final day of red! Can't believe it's been 2 months already! (Happy Leap Day BTW...) Due to the weather last night/this morning ( we had rain all night and turned into many inches of snow this morning- slushy mess!)and a choir feildtrip, my last 2 classes of 4th graders only had 5 students in them! So we had a really low key class time. They worked on their stuff and I worked on this paper cut. I so wanted to end the red run with something big and WOW! Oh well. : )
Peace and Fabulousness!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 59: Red

Did a couple start up projects but ended up doing a paper cut masculine flower ..LOL It was just what I ended up coming up with. Just a little distracted with red coming to an end on Thursday :( oh well.
Peace and fabulousness!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58: Red

Today I continued on in the paper cut vein. Found red thread today for the tree's swing's ropes which was a fun touch. So wished I had more hours in the day to have explored this picture further. Oh well. There is always tomorrow, except tomorrow is Tuesday and suppose to be weather nasty! I think I can, I think I can! :)
Peace and fabulousness.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57: Red

Today's piece once again came to me in a dream. I was so frustrated because I didn't have time to get to it until this afternoon. It is a paper cut picture. I was very pleased with how it turned out. It really strikes me as an avenue I want to further explore. Hope you enjoy it!
Peace and fabulousness!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 56: Red

The piece I did for today had a weird journey. I dreamt it repeatedly this morning. Each time I dreamt about it, it got more and more elaborate. As the day progressed, I got more and more distracted by another project I was trying to finish and making homemade chili with a tomato Surly reduction. The chili almost got recorded as the project today but I didn't feel right about it. (Thanks to the friends on FB who gave a thumbs up to it ) So I did a paper cut 3D city which is but a shadow of my dream. This project seems to another part of an idea that's trying break through ...we'll see! Peace and fabulousness.
Pictures Monday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 55: Red

Happy Friday! I decided to use my lunch break to assemble this piece. Very similar to the heart piece, just circular and smaller. I had another couple dozen petals painted, but decided to keep it smaller, simpler. It almost felt delicacy of the petals would have gotten lost if it was much bigger. I'll just have to use the leftovers for another one over the weekend, perhaps. Only more 5 days left of red! Speaking of orange(huh?), today my kindergarteners and I worked with orange. Since I dress all in that color when I teach a color with them, it looked like I had just escaped from a jail. They especially loved the fuzzy orange socks. Peace and Fabulousness!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 54: Red

Got to work uber early this morning to get this one done so I could work on some other pieces tonight. I'm in the middle of paper units with my kindergarteners, 2nd, 5th and 6th graders, so I wanted to created something as an example of what could be done with paper. They've been creating their own paper by watercoloring it. We've been looking at Henri Matisse, Eric Carle, Ezra Jack Keats, etc... Some of my students are doing amazing pieces! So proud! Peace and Fabulousness!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 53: Red

Today I started a few projects but finally settled on a pen and ink flower. Even though it's been the best winter ever weather wise, think I'm beginning to see a glimpse of Spring fever popping up, thus the flowers theme lately.
Peace and fabulousness!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 52: Red

Today's project kept changing in my mind but at the last moment it switched to this: A flower in the midst of flames. For some reason it works and I like it. It was nice to work with a new pen! There are few other ideas floating in my mind but we'll see if they actually come to fruition or just fade like the morning fog. Red only has a week to go.
Peace and fabulousness!

Day 51: Red

Woke up this morning in a panic as a realized that I hadn't posted what I did for my project Sunday. As much as I wanted to get up and type that, rest won out! :) What I did Sunday, was a small acrylic painting in the style of Mondrian. I added a bit of pink for those friends out their who were requesting me to take on that color. ;} Peace and Fabulousness

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 50: Red

After being not fully happy with yesterday's project, I was hoping for better. Today's idea did come to me upon awaking this morning. In the same vein as the 3D "red" word, I made a "red" check mark. I'm glad it came to me or who knows what I would have done. One of those emotionally raw days. Haven't figured out how to purely capture them artistically. Today's's hard to explain so you'll have wait 'til Tuesday to see it. Peace and fabulousness!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49: Red

Happy Birthday Mom! With family in town, it filled up most of the day, felt a bit crunched for time. Then mid way through the butterfly drawing my pen's tip began to lose its' firmness which threw off the wing lines. Tomorrow could prove to be challenging as well ...hopefully I'll dream a little red tonight. Peace and fabulousness! Btw photos will be actually posted Tuesday since I have Monday off :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 48: Red

I'm in the middle of a color unit with my kindergarteners. So on Fridays we make a page for our "Colors" book and the brainstorm all the things they can think of that are that color. Today's color was .... wait for it..... red! So I dressed all in red from shirts to pants to socks. While they worked on their color page I created the word red out of paper. It's 3D and the idea came to me once again as I was waking up. In fact I got up a bit early because when the idea came to me I was so excited to give it a try! Have a great weekend and more photos on Monday!
Peace and fabulousness!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 47: Red

Today was a jam packed day. I started several times and this is what I came up with. The one challenge/ lesson I came away from was knowing when to stop. This pen and ink started in one direction, took a turn, a dead end, a u-turn and finally I just had to pull over and call it complete. It doesn't quite feel done, but it is for now. The next few days could prove challenging with family in town, but I will take it on!
Peace and fabulousness!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 46: Red

Today's project came to me in a dream this morning. A staircase with a red carpet. It was fun creating a paper staircase and it may have planted a seed for future projects ...and yet again it doesn't quite seem like enough. But it will have to do.
Peace and fabulousness!

Make Something 365 & Get Unstuck: 365 Days of Color

Make Something 365 & Get Unstuck: 365 Days of Color: David Hoffmann in Minneapolis, Minnesota is making 365 Days of Color . he explains, "Starting with the color red, I will create an art piece...


Here is the other one I worked on yesterday. Since it was more black and white then red, I didn't feel it quite matched the critieria of my blog/year goal. I rather liked it, so I'm sharing it with you! BTW If youo have any ideas of what else you'd like to see in red, let me know! Only 2 weeks more of the color red, then enter ORANGE!
Peace and Fabulousness!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 45: Red

I was working on piece off and on throughout the day but it ended up being mainly black and white, so didn't feel like it fit the criteria ...or does it? So I did a papercut red heart. And since it is FINALLY Valentine's Day, tomorrow I veer away from the heart theme (Maybe :D). Happy Valentine's Day especially to the singles like me.
Peace and fabulousness!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 44: Red

Monday! Today I did a pen and ink devilish heart. Nothing fancy but Ta-da! :)
Peace and fabulousness!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43: Red

Today I took the water colored petal shaped pieces I had painted and cut them out and assembled them in a heart shape. Like a rose petal heart. The strips with the painted petals on it was a cool piece in its' self. May do it again just for that/ I'm so glad I found paper and paint I'm So liking!!! Photo's tomorrow!
Peace and fabulousness!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 42: Red

Moving slow (on many levels) today...VERY tired and not sure why. I did do a pen and ink heart and laid some ground work for tomorrow's project, which I hope turns out as cool as I envisioned it.
Peace and fabulousness!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 41: Red

Thanks to Suzi Rhae's suggestion of fire yesterday! It helped spark (no pun intended)the idea for today's pen and ink drawing of a heart. I was worried I'd run out of red ink. It was nice having a chunk of time to work on it during the day. My 4th graders were finishing the last of their project, so we were all in studio mode. They like having the chance now and then to watch my work. Have a great weekend!
Peace and fabulousness!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 40: Red

Talk about road blocks! Had a tidal wave of artistic self doubt and a creative red block. I just couldn't think of what to do even after hanging with my 1st graders and kindergarteners. Wanted to keep working on a few black and whites I've been working on, so I decided to fuse the one black and white pen and ink with a red pen and ink heart. Photo tomorrow!
Peace and fabulousness!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 39: Red

It's amazing how I spent all day trying to come up with an idea and this morning an image popped in my mind while brushing my teeth. (Still doing red until March and wanting to do heart related pieces for those romantics out there) I had an image come to mind this morning of a flower, losing it's petals. Because of the lost petals, the flower is suppose to take on a heart shape. I made it out of water color paint and paper, which tied in nicely with the water color unit I'm doing with my 2nd and 6th graders. I wanted the flower to stand out so, I kept the background simple with little detail other than the sky. The contrast between the sky, ground and flower are more fibrant in person. I have to figure out how to use this camera even more effectively!
Peace and Fabulousness!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 38: Red

As jam packed as my Tuesday teaching schedule can be,most of my classes were so invigorating. Hit the gym. From the treadmill to the locker room to drive home one question echoed on "red red red what will I do for red? " answer : pen and ink and the picture says it all! :)
Peace and fabulousness!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37: Red

Today I took a few elements I had created over the weekend combined them and added a few additional details and poof! :) I used acrylic, oils and wire/beads. It's sooo Monday! Way over slept this morning, but thank God I made it to work in time!
peace and fabulousness!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 36: Red

After a day of leisure (had to catch up on reading my book club's reading selection ) I almost ran out of time to get a project in...had to be done in time to catch the Superbowl ...commercials! So I decided to keep it simple and do a paper cut heart. Gluing it in place was Not simple. Photos tomorrow!
Peace and fabulousness (and fingers crossed Madonna hits it out of the stadium )

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 35: Red

Today was a solid day of creating ...yet I feel like I accomplished little. It's probably because everything I did was merely parts of bigger projects; some oil painting, some watercolor and some acrylics. But that's me. I can't just settle on one medium. Today's red piece was done with a totally different medium : wire and beads! It was another piece that just sort of presented itself throughout the process. I absolutely love it!
Peace and fabulousness!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 34: Red

I did a red pen and ink heart with black ink mice. For the longest time I wanted nothing more than a house with black, white and red interior. My how that has changed. Still enthralled with those colors together, but my house is a multitude of colors.
Peace and fabulousness.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 33: Red

As I posted yesterday, going heart for the next 2 weeks. Today I made to paper cut hearts and glued them together, creating a sort of 3D heart of sorts. I'm going to try and post 2 pictures of it one from the top and one at an angle. Enjoy! I'm also looking for ideas for heart phrases: like broken hearts, home is where the heart is, cold hearted ,... if you have any ideas let me know please and thank you! Peace and fabulousness!
BTW I am taking a personal day from work tomorrow to catch up on life and stuff (Can't remember the last one I took)... so there will just be word posts until Monday. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 32

Wow! Typing the number 32 - a nondate number is kind of exciting! Today's project is a paper cut flower that is done in a 3D manner. I think for the next two weeks,inspite of my singleness and in honor of all you fabuliscous coupled people I know (and don't ) I will be doing red type heart pieces! Peace and fabulousness!

Donation Piece

Thought I'd post a picture of the piece of art I'm donating to the MACMH's (Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health) Annual Benefit for their Fine Arts Silent Auction. The hearts are on an oil painted background, connected by a twisted wire with beads. It's a great organization and I'm honored to be part of it. Peace an Fabulousness!