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Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 80 (1176)

What an amazing Friday! This one has been a long time coming, (since September!) Great classes, then one of my students, a second grader, shaved my head with most of the school watching.  It was crazy! At one point two sides of the students gathered around me started yelling "shave his head" while the other side screamed "no". Then it shifted to "shave him bald" and the other half yelled "let him go"! Best comment was from a 1st grader who said at the end, "He didn't shave it bald except for the top". I said "Sweetie that was nature that took that away." One of my sweet 2nd graders came over and very politely asked to touch my head while others were trying to paw at it. I love our students. I then went and had a wonderful time at a barber shop. They shaved my head completely (something I've been toying with for years). My dear friends Jeff and Randy really work the look. 
Along with beard trim, it felt like the beginning stages of reemerging from the cocoon I have been in for far too long. Very freeing, tearing up just typing it. The change I've been sensing is beginning.
Peace and fabulousness

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