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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 106 (1202)

What a surreal day. Losing electricity in the school only to realize that a three alarm fire is happening the next block over. We could see the buildings burn.  So grateful the wind was going away from the school, because that would have made things so much worse. Sad to be so close to businesses and people's residents burning. We end up having our school mass with no electricity, Father Michael talking through a megaphone, trying to talk over news helicopters and diverted traffic. The cool thing, inspite of everything is a staff that is ready to do whatever to run a school smoothly and keep the students safe. Due to road closures, we had to walk our student body to catch their buses at a neighboring school. It went so smooth. it's great to work with such a calm headed and flexable team of teachers and administrators.

Peace and fabulousness.

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