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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 163 (1259)

Last night before I went to bed I covered up all my clocks. Today's goal was to see and avoid all distractions. Internet, talk radio, TV, and time. It was amazing to see how often I look at clocks each time I pass them. Also to see how automatic almost like a reflex it is that I reach for my phone each time I pass it. I just wanted a day to avoid all those distractions and just let my instincts take me where it needed to go. It took me from cleaning, organizing, to framing, and finally to finishing the Hansel and Gretel peice. I also learned some things about myself and found some things along the way. Not going to discuss that here since not all eyes are supportive/understanding.
The experiment finally ended at 6 p.m. when my phone started to ping. My friend Patty is due anytime now (here baby is) and I thought that's what the pinging was all about. It wasn't.
I also want to give a big shout out and say happy birthday to my sister Tammy. She's an amazing and beautiful person.
Definately want to do this again. 
Peace and fabulousness.

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