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Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 36 (1497)

Happy Friday! So glad it's the weekend. Last night had one of the most intense dreams, that was a dream inside of a dream. Just bizarre. Sorry to mention dreams so much, but I'm one of those people that the minute I start to fall asleep I slip into a dream state. It could be when I'm trying to take a 3 minute nap or whenever, all night, like I'm plugged in to a streaming service. Sometimes they're monotonous, sometimes they're epic and sometimes like last night they hit too close to home at the core of things. The question pondered a bit in yesterday's post were made vividly clear last night. I'm just grateful I had planned to get up to go to the gym this morning otherwise it would have been a day of bummerness. Also dreams like last night leave you feeling like you're still partially in the dream even though your moving about your day.
Peace and fabulousness.
Enjoy your weekend!

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