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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 41 (1502)

My dragon kite is back up in the classroom! It was so fun telling kindergarteners about it and how it's always looking for its next meal : those little kids that make bad choices. Their giggles and sideways glances were priceless. And yes they know I'm teasing.
As much as I wanted to, took a break from the gym this morning and ended up with random muscle ached off and on all day. ???
Today's piece in case you can't quite make it out, is a giraffe that just swallowed a heart whole. A bit odd, but considering how twisted my creatures can be this time of year, I think I'm being quite tame.  Eerily, I know that side is lurking but I'm not sure where my mind is hiding it. Sorry Rich.
Peace and fabulousness.

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