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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 105 (1566)

Great day with the students and coffee!!
Came home to find the condemned house next door's back gate was on the ground.  The gates on that property are a way for us to see if anybody has been snooping around it. If the gates are open you knew somebody had been there. At first I thought someone had pulled this one off but later realized it was just the wind and the rotting wood that was holding it up had finally given away. I find things like that a bit unsettling and realized how I'm not aware of how much living where I am wears on me. 
Also got the 2nd round of numbers (higher than the last one) for having what the insurance won't cover on all that hail damage from a year ago 50th of May.  Kind of  disheartening.  Along with the increased # of shootings this week, street fights, UGH! (Thus today's creature.)
BUT(!) I reminded myself I have a home, live in a piece of this area that has been pretty good by comparison and much, much more to be grateful for.  So thank you God and you all.
Peace and fabulousness.

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