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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 110 (1571)

Happy Tuesday! Wow was it a long day! I think the testing is getting to some of our students. After hours of sitting quietly testing they just needed to chat and chat they did! I came home and did nothing but listen to silence. LOL. Today's piece is inspired by a conversation with some kindergarteners as I sat at their table. We were talking about bumblebees and the one little girl kept saying how she loved the furry ones. I agreed of course. And even the little boy in the conversation said he agreed even though one had crawled up his nose and stung him. He still loves the furry ones too. After saying she loved the furry ones a third time,  I looked at her and said they're kind of like flying bears. She broke out into a larger grin and said yes that's it! Too fun. Peace and fabulousness.

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