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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 342 (1438)

Driving into work today, I had to take a detour due to police cars blocking off a two block stretch. Found out later it was due to a dead body. Welcome to the north side.
Long day of teaching in the classroom. It still feels like it's the middle of August. Feel bad for the students today, they were very uncomfortable. I myself am now breaking out my summer wardrobe and thinking of bringing an extra shirt each day.
While talking to someone after work I came to the realization that my numbers on my blog are way off! The year was off by two days and the cumulative number was off a lot! It was actually double what it should be. In September I switched two numbers around which doubled the number. slap my forehead! dope! Of course if you know me, you know that I couldn't let that go by. So I spent  almost 3 hours fixing it. The first time around I took off too much and the second time I had to one to get it right. Love doing this on a phone.  1st world problems.
Did get my mail  and two books today that I'm so excited to read and study over break. Break. Love the sound of that word.
Peace and fabulousness.

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